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26 Jan 2015, 00:14 Уникальная игра
разные странности с AI
Igrik' link is very old. Here new.


Contains updated Hard AI, builder and fine me mods, all with setup in *ini file. Only for random maps!
FallenAngel, igrik, Orzie
11 Jan 2015, 18:59 Heroes® of Might & Magic® III: HD Editon
официальное переиздание RoE с апскейлом графики

Mantiss, Docent Picolan, XEL, Agar, Spartak, Nestor, ArtisanDen, Vade Parvis, Starseeker, Adept, Kastore, Throutle, Mefista, Spektanto, Kislolord, Axolotl, Maximus, Day7, ivyl, Арысь-Поле, Sadness, Corkes, DrSlash, Orzie, dr0n, Hanz, Baldr, KypaToP_HM
31 Aug 2014, 06:49 Новые земли
new terains
Ported to Era.

New_Terrains (512 kb)
hippocamus, GORynytch, Etoprostoya, Berserker, Арысь-Поле, Orzie
21 Dec 2013, 00:07 WoG 3.59-Опциональность,Организация Скриптов,Нужное/ненужное
Идеалогическая и практическая сторона вопросов
XEL, Algor, packa, Kislolord, Berserker, serovoy
07 May 2013, 21:33 Тонкости ЕРМ, использование UN:C
ERM для профессионалов :)
$ (0-75)

increase the speed of EA:B generating clones. Default value is 75.

Credits: Sav
gamecreator, hippocamus, Etoprostoya, Berserker
03 Apr 2013, 18:59 Пустынная башня
мод для ЭРА

Please could you animate those trees for era if you get some time? WoG has wrong defs and playing sod maps with actual animated trees could be buggy, only this def is left.

02 Apr 2013, 19:09 Новые BattleFields
Кто еще рисует давайте выкладывать
Good thing, I did not know we can update. I will do it from now.
27 Mar 2013, 01:24 Новые BattleFields
Кто еще рисует давайте выкладывать
Morn Battlefields mod updated

Added last six, awesome work.
Morn, Bes, Iv, hippocamus, Sar, Algor, Vade Parvis, lion-killer, dik X.B., Etoprostoya, Berserker, SerAlexandr, ivyl
08 Nov 2012, 21:02 Ripped units
юниты из других игр
Цитата(etoprostoya @ 08 Nov 2012, 21:06) *

Don't know looks more like a pink tauntaun
XEL, T2_2112, Vade Parvis, lion-killer, dik X.B., packa, Astaroth, Etoprostoya, FallenAngel
08 Nov 2012, 00:29 Ripped units
юниты из других игр
I wonder how they make babies

Morn, Vade Parvis, lion-killer
28 Oct 2012, 10:47 Новые артефакты
emerald.dll v2.01
Yes I know, I just wanted to warn that the released TOE will not work on era 2.4 without removing AlphaSE.

Now trying to see what it does indeed, see some nice new artefacts.
12 Oct 2012, 02:30 Новые BattleFields
Кто еще рисует давайте выкладывать
Because it needs a setup program to run after extraction. You can also unrar it but then you will have to enable it manually with mod manager. It works only with Era.

Updated link on previous page, sand1.pcx was not working, removed.
11 Oct 2012, 18:24 Новые BattleFields
Кто еще рисует давайте выкладывать
Morn Battlefields Era mod (29 Mb)

Adds 125 beautiful battlefields made by Morn, matching terrain and battle special location.
Uses universal timer 2.
Battlefields not displaying (wrong pcx settings) were fixed.

Morn, Bes, Agar, lion-killer, dik X.B., packa, Etoprostoya, Berserker, SerAlexandr, totkotoriy
01 Oct 2012, 18:03 H3LORD
Flying carpet def + both portraits, I see it finally got some interest


lion-killer, Berserker
18 Sep 2012, 12:34 Empire of the World 3, Era update
Did a complete clean of this 3 years old map. Those which enjoyed it will be pleased to find many new additions, tweaks and much more increased difficulty. Very short story, thus playable no matter what your language is.
(9 Mb)


[+] Pixel hunting terrain was cleared to simple design in many areas.
[+] AI and neutrals armies will be always at ACE level after you reach Rome
[+] Added my handy tew 4 dialog, where you can locate all seer huts and border gates
[+] Added script which will find every bank not taken and show you where is.
[+] Added several events, surprise
[+] Hoplites, Centurions and Legionaries in Rome were given new graphics, thanks to Etoprostoya kindness who made them for me. Heavy and light cavalry are my work though.
[+] Maximus has a strong ability now, thus all AI power was increased.
[+] Added more infos in help section about possible bugs, hidden features and events.
[+] Force field will not be available for all battles, but will be given back. If you survive, that's it.
[+] Valley of endless gems event was limited to 15 times.
[+] Removed stupid quests as giving 15 gremlins to open border gate.
[+] Added Jim Vogan's experience restored script
[+] Added primary skills over 99 patch
[+] Added daily check which will remover necromancy from Maximus if you try to cheat my map. Other heroes may learn it, but don't screw.
[+] Added useful script which will allow you to drop war machines.
[+] Added right-click fix for negative experience bug when moving big stacks in hero screen
[+] Added tavern rumors.
[+] Sitecius will be offered scholar at 4th level, which saves a lot of time later.
[+] Fixed score reduction if not all players eliminated.
[+] Fixed all scripts which were so and so, working half of time.
[-] The 12 months time limit remains, disable it at your own risk, as AI invaders may not come if later, and game will not be winnable.
[-] In last battle, Commodus will kick your a$$ if you did not play well.

I strongly recommend to play with Yona mod, which will give very handful informations in battle.
Secondary skills mod must be OFF, or you will not be able to forget/learn new skills.
Wogify is ON
Start option: Artefact. It will make a difference when you finally find Rome after 1,5 months with a purse of gold.
Optimal time to complete: 8 months
Bes, hippocamus, dik X.B., packa, Etoprostoya, Berserker, Господин Уэф, Axolotl
05 Aug 2012, 10:27 Проект StarGate Atlantis
Звёздные врата: Атлантида
I am happy the russian version by wog master is gone. It was google copy/paste, it would not help you. Better learn english, it will serve when Obama will rule the world. beee.gif
02 May 2012, 05:22 Поднебесье
Asia Town (v0.1b)
I found one of them, have to search for the second:

02 May 2012, 04:30 Поднебесье
Asia Town (v0.1b)

gamecreator, Sar, SerAlexandr, SaintDark
22 Apr 2012, 22:38 Проект StarGate Atlantis
Звёздные врата: Атлантида
Stargate Atlantis was converted to ERA 2, mostly because the 3.58 install file was painful.


*Several regular dialogs converted to DL, for better gameplay and avoid endless scrolling.
*Bounty scripts were taken from JimV v.2 because they were just perfect
*All NPC's on map are now 3D creatures
*We don't have to visit anymore merchants, now all data about weekly prices and purchase are handled from a single DL
*Same for alliances dialog
*Added a lot of shortcuts for tedious tasks, as loading bullets belt etc
*All battle commands are now available through F1 key. Regular dialogs are still in use, and memory leaks still occur after a few hours. Restarting game cleans the memory.
*Changed the display order of McKay computer actions, from the most popular to the less, to avoid over clicking
*Many fixes in scripts, to preserve compatibility.
*Super fast install, no wog files anymore

Screens from ERA version:


Other graphics remain as two years ago, so don't shoot, no time to redo everything from scratch.
natasha, Bes, Vade Parvis, FCst1, Maestro, dik X.B., packa, Astaroth, Etoprostoya, Strelok21, Berserker, SerAlexandr, Господин Уэф, WWWoWaNuS
22 Apr 2012, 22:14 Флуд про новые города
обсуждение новых городов
XEL, hippocamus, Etoprostoya, Axolotl, Мастер-Ломастер
17 Apr 2012, 05:57 Новые объекты
Astaroth, I think this dragon utopia will look great if animated, take it if like. Angle not perfect, but with some soil at base, can go:

Download png source

It is not used graphic from Heroes 6.
XEL, Septimus, Vade Parvis, lion-killer, dik X.B., packa, Astaroth, SerAlexandr
10 Apr 2012, 09:23 Новые объекты
Astaroth, any download link for your fountain?

Statues overload, it is 2012 end of the world, Jesus is coming spiteful.gif

But those two probably would look great if worked a bit:
Morn, Darkmoon, Astaroth, Господин Уэф, Axolotl
31 Mar 2012, 15:21 Флуд про новые города
обсуждение новых городов
It is the first successful attempt to create a town with pac man graphics, hat off!

Morn, XEL, hippocamus, Sar, tolich, FCst1, Лорд Хаарт, FallenAngel, Господин Уэф, GarretDRazor, Мастер-Ломастер
26 Feb 2012, 17:05 ERA II mod: Empire of the World IV
I never used ert files, because I mainly make maps, not global mods as Phoenix, so dialogs are different for each event. Would be a waste of time to go for ert I think. And so far, seems all bugs were eliminated, maybe it does not need any update, waiting for more feedback. But I will think about, maybe for next, thanks.

IMHO, this is the most interesting in any story.

Well, of course, I would prefer that people can read it, so I did not waste time to write it. Just pointing that, for game play only, you don't need to understand the story, if not english speaker. Map can be completed also if you skip it.

Forgot to add that primary skills display was patched for v1.1, now they display up to 125 (could 127, but kept it safe)
25 Feb 2012, 20:37 ERA II mod: Empire of the World IV
huh? The animation has same speed as TE, and is based on ERA cranim. If you want regular Heroes one, delete cranim.txt from MODS/WoG/Data. But fights will take forever, with devils slow teleport.

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