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> Сравнения версий
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07.03.2002 выходит Герои 4
30.05.2002 Выходит патч 1.3
[*]Maps\Beebee and the Three Pigs.h4c
[*]Maps\Boring's Mountain.h4c
[*]Maps\Last Man Standing.h4c
[*]Maps\Petty Claustrophobia.h4c
[*]Maps\Return of the Devil.h4c
[*]Maps\Run! Cronx is coming!.h4c
[*]Maps\Sea Politics.h4c
[*]Maps\Search for the Old Heroes.h4c
[*]Maps\The Ultimate Mug of Ale.h4c
[*]Maps\Zanfas's Challenge.h4c
  • Corrected the performance degradation after extended gameplay.
  • Double-clicking on a Hero portrait when that hero is in a caravan no longer crashes the game.
  • Learn Spells option has been removed from the Might Town screen.
  • Winning the game after a garrisoned mine battle no longer crash.
  • In the event that there is a blank "Display message script", the error is now handled properly.
  • Saving and then reloading during an abandoned mine combat no longer crashes the game.
  • Added a Grid and Unit Movement Shadow to the Combat Screen. These can be accessed in the Combat Settings screen.
  • Corrected the music overlay issues.
  • Corrected the game slow down when standing idle for a long period of time.
  • Artifacts can no longer be "buried" in graveyards.
  • Dead Heroes no longer regain hit points from the fountain of vigor.
  • Caravans are no longer able to go through an enemy tower garrison.
  • A.I. creatures now give their items to the hero when they join the army.
  • Corrected A.I. evaluation of the Idol of Fortune.
  • The Phantom Image & Create Illusion now stack on top of each other.
  • Names can now be entered into the Campaign High Score Screen.
  • A new highscore no longer writes over the previous highscore.
  • Corrected the creature generator giving out the exact number of guarding troops after declining to fight them.
  • Escape command now works as a cancel command on the combat screen.
  • Hotkey Alt+M now brings down the correct menu scroll.
  • The F4 command now switches in or out of full screen mode during combat.
  • Added [Esc], [Enter] and Arrow key Hotkey functionality to the Load Game screen.
  • Added [Esc] and [Enter] Hotkey functionality to the View World Screen.
  • Improved the combat performance of the Swamp terrain.
  • Harpies no longer change their character skin into a mage when attacking the town gate.
  • Heroes Biographies are no longer wasted by the A.I.
  • Corrected the fountain in the Vampire Mansion graphic.
  • A Creature Portal change now updates to the correct creature name.
  • Corrected the pausing/unpausing issue on the Campaign Map story setup screen.
  • A message is now given as to why a unit can't go through a teleporterthat is blocked on the other side.
  • The correct message is now displayed when attempting to retreat too close to a valid town.
  • Disabled the Guarding Monsters button in all but the first map of each campaign.
  • Stopped the ability to run multiple instances of the game at the same time.
  • Corrected the last digit being cut off of a number over 100,000 in the Creature Buy screen.
  • Corrected the Portal dialog icon spacing alignment.
  • On the HighScore screen, clicking in thumb area of scrollbar now will page up/down.
  • If the game ends in combat, the music no longer carries over to the map prologue.
  • Morale of 10+ is now being printed out correctly.
  • Corrected the Destroy Altar message.
  • The correct message now appears when trying to retreat in a siege while the player doesn't own any other towns.
  • Added right-click information for the "Combat Speed" option.
  • Load/Cancel buttons now have mouse over popup text and the right-click info box.
  • Corrected text being clipped in the purchase building dialog.
  • Corrected text alignment issue in the Level Up dialog.
  • Corrected text alignment issue when a Backpack is picked up.
  • Corrected text alignment issue in the Spell cost screen.
  • Corrected text alignment issue in the Spellbook screen.
  • Corrected text alignment issue in the Blacksmith screen.
  • Corrected the Lighthouse right-click text error.
  • Corrected alignment issues on the Recruit Creature screen in the Town.
  • Fixed the First ability icon's right-click alignment.
  • Corrected text issues in the Right-Click information popup for the Weekly Creature Growth in 1024x768 or higher game resolutions.
  • Added the word "Quicksand" that was missing from description of Quicksand Spell.
  • Removed the "week of" reference in the Potion of Precognition.
  • Removed the odd character in the Summon Griffins spell description.
  • Removed the odd character in the Blind spell.
  • Removed the odd character in the description for the hero Shiva.
  • Removed the odd character in the description for the hero Raona.
  • Removed the odd character in the description for the hero Mayweda.
  • Removed the odd character in the description for the hero Rasto.
  • Corrected the "Buy All" mouse over text in the Marketplace Screen.
  • Corrected the gold amount formatting after buying an item in the Blacksmith screen.
  • Corrected text issue in the "Faerie Ring" pop up text.
  • Corrected grammar issue in the Magic Well message.
  • Corrected the town governor right-click text in the town screen.
  • Added caravan ship use to right-click information on the Shipyard.
  • Corrected the "Hut of the Magi" mouse over text.
  • Corrected the "Shield of <Alignment>" text to accurately reflect its ability regarding unit protection.
Map Specific
  • The Price of Peace - "At the Crossroads"
    You can no longer swipe all the treasures "guarded" by the elves at
    [58, 129] without having to fight them.
  • The Price of Peace - "An Enemy's Trust"
    Corrected pop up message text order at [121,81].
  • The Price of Peace - "The Servant"
    You can no longer swipe most of the treasures behind the nomads at
    [82,107], and the ore behind the gold golems at [58, 22] without a fight.
  • The Price of Peace - "An Unusual Betrayal"
    Corrected the hero Reed's prison release message.
    Corrected a typo in Day 2's event text.
    You can no longer swipe most of the treasures behind the gold golems at
    [103, 170] without a fight.
  • The Price of Peace - "To Slay an Immortal"
    Added the hero Kodge to the carry over description in the campaign screen.
  • Elwin and Shaera - "Mark of the Tiger"
    The Wood pile at [74,73] can now be accessed.
    The Town at [107,108] no longer allows a shipyard to be built.
  • The True Blade - "The Drawing of the Blade"
    The Oracle now puts the treasure in an accessible location.
  • "Glory of Days Past - A New Way"
    Changed the Orange Bordergate at [31,41] to a Teal Bordergate.
    Changed the Orange Tent at [32,21] to a Teal Tent.

    Single Scenarios:
  • "Beebee & the Three Pigs"
    The Victory Condition now functions correctly.
  • "Zanfas Challenge"
    The area at [126,247] is now accessible.
    Any boats created at [195,215] are now accessible.
  • "Sea Politics"
    The floating bottle at [120,115] now functions correctly.
  • "Petty Claustrophobia"
    Increased the level of the computer player's starting heroes.
  • "Revolution"
    Increased the computer player's starting resources and starting units.
  • "Run! Cronx is Coming!"
    Reduced the computer player's starting units.
    Changed the Armor of Life artifact at [36, 23] to the Golden Platemail artifact to make it useful to all classes.
  • "Return of the Devil"
    Increase the map difficulty by increasing Mephisto's level (The hero you have to beat).
  • "Search for the Old Heroes"
    Reduced the Computer player's starting units.
  • "Borings Mountain"
    Added some extra resources near the players main starting town.
Патч исправляет много ошибок и добавляет несколько новых особенностей, в частности сетку и зону хода на поле боя

08.09.2002 Выходит Gathering Storm 2.0
[+]Maps\Barbarians from Below.h4c
[+]Maps\Jester's Revenge.h4c
[+]Maps\River Crossing.h4c
[+]Maps\Uninvited Guest.h4c
[+]Maps\Wheel-of-Misfortune (Allied).h4c
  • Added support for Multiplayer sessions. See the "Multiplayer" section for details.
  • Correctly implemented the [Space Bar] hotkey in the Army Info Screen and its effect on troop movement.
  • Eliminated an undesirable side effect of the 'H' and 'T' hotkeys and army stack 'drag and drop'.
  • Having a Hypnotized mage cast Town Gate during combat now gates out the mage's controller's army, eliminating a crash if the mage's owner's army had nowhere to go.
  • The Teleport and Displacement spells are now affected by Magic Resistance when cast on hostile creatures.
  • The Purse of Penny Pinching now correctly reduces the cost of troops when purchasing them.
  • Fire Ring spell can now be used around friendly units including the caster.
  • Heroes can now use Holy Water on themselves.
  • In Siege combat, the castle walls now give the attackers the ranged-attack penalties.
  • In Siege combat, the defenders can now target points outside of the castle with spells like Fireball and Fire Ring.
  • The experience point allotment from the Stealth Skill has been adjusted to match that of combat.
  • Dead heroes no longer gain Stealth experience.
  • You can now cast attack spells on creatures you control via Hypnotize.
  • Casting Town Gate while on a boat no longer leaves you as a land boat.
  • The Campaign High Score screen now displays the correct creature portrait for the level attained.
  • Item and creature giving placed events now distinguish between a Human player and a computer player.
  • Sanctuary spell now lasts for 6 rounds and cannot be recast by the same Hero for 3 rounds after it has expired.
  • Players can no longer Right-Click on Armies covered by the Fog of War or are hidden by a Hero with Stealth.
  • Robe of the Guardian is now correctly represented on the Hero right-click screen in Combat.
  • When learning magic skills from a University or Seminary, you now get the mage guild spells at the time you learn the skill.
  • Sacrifice can no longer be cast on troops you don't own but temporarily control via Hypnotize.
  • The Martyr link is broken whenever the protectors are hypnotized or un-hypnotized.
  • Hypnotize and the mermaid's hypnotize ability can now be used to cancel existing hypnotizes.
  • When an enemy army uses charm or diplomacy to bribe some of the player's creatures, they now get a message box telling them about the creatures lost.
  • Added a more descriptive message when trying to Town Gate out of combat to a town that is too close and is the only one that player owns.
  • The combat AI now allows the last frame to play before their action.
  • When switching to another town in the town window, the correct town music now plays.
Map Specific
  • We've added five multiplayer specific maps that can be found in the "Multiplayer" subfolder.
    Barbarians from Below
    Jester's Revenge
    River Crossing
    Uninvited Guest
    Note: any Scenario maps that have two or more Human Player starting positions can be played as multiplayer maps.
15.10.2002 Выходит патч 2.2, изменения минимальны
  • Players can no longer create duplicate unit stacks using the [Shift] command with the [Space Bar] hotkeys in the garrison screens.
  • Players can no longer move unit stacks to other towns in the Kingdom Overview screen.
  • Corrected rare siege combat crashes in Multiplayer during AutoCombat.
  • Corrected the "Waiting for Remote Player" Multiplayer gameplay freeze when a hero gains a level using the Stealth Skill.
  • Corrected the Multiplayer gameplay freeze during combat in when a smaller army attacks a larger army and is given the options to surrender during AutoCombat.
  • Corrected the Multiplayer gameplay freeze when a player 'Retires'.
В основном добавили мультиплеер и исправили баги

08.01.2003 Выходит Winds of War 3.0
  • Casting the spell Town Gate inside of a town no longer crashes game.
  • In windowed mode, if you close the window while at the hero-selected army screen, the game no longer crashes.
  • Fixed an occasional game freeze when moving into a weak neutral army's activation radius.
  • Adjusting the Game Setting's volume slider without a selected army on the adventure map, no longer crashes the game.
  • Fixed combat crash caused by placing multiple lines of quicksand between a fast walking unit and its target
  • Fixed crash if day 1 timed event lost game.
  • Fixed very, very rare crash if two neutral armies touch.
  • Goblin Knight's magic resistance ability now functions correctly.
  • Corrected issue with certain types of area damage (hydras, cerberus, black dragons) affecting creatures in Sanctuary.
  • Heroes with the Flaming Arrow no longer do splash damage to fire resistant creatures.
  • When Death Call'ed phoenixes die, they are now removed from the battlefield and do not rebirth.
  • Corrected aberrant results of heroes who have the Potion of Immortality or Guardian Angel on them, and are devoured by sea monsters.
  • The Throwing Spear now increases the range and melee attack of a hero by eight.
  • The common artifact 'Axe' now increases the hero's attack by eight.
  • Heroes or creatures that shoot twice per turn, but only have one shot left, now will only shoot once.
  • Disembarking heroes or creatures from a Ship now functions correctly with regards to their movement.
  • Dead heroes cannot cast adventure spells anymore.
  • The Quicksand spell is easier to place on the battlefield.
  • If a vampire stack is defeated by a thunderbird stack, but regenerates vampires back, the graphic is updated correctly
  • If you have an event with a DISPLAY MESSAGE action, with a sub action of GIVE CREATURES, and the GIVE CREATURES results in an over-full army, the "full army" dialog now appears after the displayed message.
  • When a hero gets an INCREASE EXPERIENCE or INCREASE EXP LEVEL script event, they can now select a skill from an associated skill set.
  • Cyclops and heroes with the Flaming Arrow now have the appropriate animation played when their ranged attack reaches its target.
  • Corrected the Resurrection spell-effect graphic when running at the slowest combat speed.
  • The INCREASE DEFENSE script action now correctly increases defense instead of attack.
  • Corrected occasional issue when accessing a teleporter that has multiple exits.
  • Corrected issues with the mouse cursor disappearing after the completion of a campaign.
  • Corrected issues with the mouse cursor disappearing after the loss of a single scenario.
  • Corrected aberrant scroll bar behavior.
  • Resources update immediately after purchasing items at Marketplace from the Town Screen.
  • Adventure sounds update after the volume is adjusted in the game settings.
  • If a scenario is won by winning a battle and you return to the main menu, the correct main menu theme now plays.
  • Hero portrait movement bar now functions correctly when the "Move Army" icon is used when the town icon is highlighted.
  • The Single Scenario screen sort order is now reverse-able.
  • In a multiplayer game, when you double click on a name the game will no longer crash.
  • In a multiplayer game, you can no longer view the remote player's quest log during their turn.
  • In a human vs. human player siege combat (multiplayer session), a stealth hero who attacks the gate in auto-combat no longer hangs the game.
Campaign Editor
  • Added a help file to the campaign editor. The help file can be accessed by selecting Help->Contents on the editor's menu.
  • The editor now restores the position of your various sub-windows (mini map, palette, tool) when you start it up.
  • Fixed an issue where maps which had the Emerald Longbow enabled in the Map Properties and a random major artifact dot would sometimes get a "File <map file name> is bad" error when loaded into the game.
Довольно много исправлений, как для последней версии

Ниже перечислены файлы, которые менялись в архивах text и updates
text\strings.intro voice over text
text\table.Adventure Object
text\strings.intro voice over text
text\table.Adventure Object

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