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> H3SW: По ту сторону монитора, Мы в реальной жизни :)
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Reinventing the Steel
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Данный тред предназначен для различных интересностей о команде Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars, совместных фотографий и прочего.
С учётом того, что команда раскидана по всему свету, ценность подобных материалов сильно повышается smile.gif

Что-то из этих материалов может в будущем дублироваться в Сходках форумчан ввиду наличия и форумчан в пресловутом творческом коллективе.

Цитата(Sir Albe)
My friend Frederik and I met with Uhm in the reception in the concert hall Od Nowa before the concert began. I immediately spotted Uhm thanks to the pictures from his summer trip posted here on the forum. I went over to him a pulled one of the H3SW logo paper out. Uhm realized quickly that it was me (remember I actually never posted any picture here on the forums...yet). Then we talked and decided to have a photo of us with the H3SW logo in front of the concert poster. You should have seen everybody's faces when two random guys asks for a spot to take a picture of them holding a piece of paper with some kind of Heroes logo on it. I must say we really drew everyone's attention there biggrin.gif

I am so glad that Uhm was there too and meeting someone you know online is sure a very great pleasure! Also your English was great. I had no troubles understanding you smile.gif

Not long after the concert was about to begin as we stepped inside the actual concert hall which reminded my of both a stage and a cinema at the same time smile.gif After a little wait Paul Anthony Romero appeared and sat at the piano and began playing some classical, but not Heroes related music, then he stop suddenly and said "Oh, wrong composer". It was great fun for all of us and then Paul began the first of the three sonatas. The first one called "Requiem for a King" included themes like H3 Stronghold theme, H3 Castle theme and H6 Ghosts of the Past. The second sonata was called "Winds of War" and included H2 Sorceress theme (my favorite!!!), H2 ocean theme as well as H1 and H3 win scenarios (I think...) and H5 Academy theme. The thrid sonata was called "The Wizard Waltz" and contained H1 Barbarian theme (I wished for that one too) and Piano Concerto For a Hero No. 1 in Ahab's Minor from H7. The sonatas contained other themes as well, but I can't correctly recall all of them biggrin.gif Then the surprise happened with Paul beginning to play H4 Grass theme and then Ms. Magda appeared out of nowhere! It was also quiet funny, but when they began playing together my tears couldn't be kept back... It was so amazingly beautiful... They switched between H4 Grass theme to H7 Academy theme from time to time.

After that Frederik and I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Romero. He was so nice and signed my first HoMM game which is actually the Platinum Edition (First three HoMM games with all expansions) along with a paper with the H3SW logo both for me, Frederik and Uhm. I told Paul how I always since I was a kid had adored his music and told him what some of my favorites were: H2 Sorceress theme, H2 Ocean theme and H6 Ghost of the Past. He told me that I liked the darker themes biggrin.gif

After that we also had the chance to meet Brock H. Summers. He also was very nice and told us about the process of Paul composing music for the Heroes games. Paul gets the visuals and then create a musical score from there. It is incredible how well factions seem to fit with their town theme!

Also I met with some guys from Acid Cave (one of them was Dark Dragon, but I am a bit unsure about the other guy). Both contacted me because they noticed the paper with the H3SW logo I was holding. Both of them were very nice and we had a great talk about the mod, they seemed very excited to experience the new version of it. I am quiet honored that I met those guys. Funny enough I got asked sometime if I was Orzie and then I had to disappoint them saying that I did a lot of the small stuff for the mod. It seems people would really like to meet you (and that counts me too biggrin.gif). Also I met with SKT (I think, sorry if I got it wrong) how visits this forum quiet often. He also was very polite and we discussed the mod and the future for it. Hope to see you in here smile.gif

After that I also talked a bit with a very nice German guy who actually found the music a lot more interesting than the games smile.gif Then I joined Uhm again and met shortly with the Polish Press Agency (I didn't actually hear that at the time!). Afterwards Uhm got the great idea to go to Torun centrum to have a little something to eat. It was very entertaining talking with Uhm and we all had a great time! biggrin.gif Also yes I got the chance to taste traditional Polish beetroot soup that I found surprisingly delicious:

After that it was time to go home and sleep. We also, like Uhm, had to take the train early next morning where we also got a little glimpse of Paul and Brock before they left Torun.

All in all one of the best days of my life for sure. It was so amazing to meet you Uhm and I hope I will see you again someday smile.gif Also I wish we from H3SW team could at some point in the future. That would be amazing biggrin.gif

Our trinity (Me, Albe and his very good friend Frederick) had met just before concert and catched a memorial photo with SW logo smile.gif It was the first time, I was speeking English with somebody from outside the Poland, but we've quickly found a common language. We didn't know anybody at a concert, still many people recognised us biggrin.gif It was fantastic, that people are so enthusiastic about our Mod. I was even able to talk with gentleman from Polish Press Agency. Probably he will ask me for a little help – who knows, maybe thanks to him we will be able to connect with more Heroes fans from Poland  wink.gif . We were disputing on Witch's line up and it's inspirations, so I hope soon I will be able to introduce our thoughts. 8)

I must say, I'am very pleased with the whole concert  :h2smile:  It was consisting of three sonatas – build on mixed variations of themes from all Heroes. In the beginning, I was just trying to recognise particular themes – it was fatal mistake, because I wasn't concentrating on music. Moreover, Master Romero rearranged most of the melodies. Because I had listened to all soundtracks around hundred of times, I was non stop confused, awaiting different notes tongue.gif During second sonata I guessed, that I should stop analysing and just open for feelings, brought to me by melody. I had never tried to do it, but now I'm sure that's what I was always missing, when I was listening to classical music.

As Mr Romero promised, his second sonata was full of heroism. There were great battles, powerful warriors fighting with evil and a grain of melancholia. All epicness of this world hidden in a few notes smile.gif I am still under great impression, how did he manage to put together so many different pieces.

The third sonata, „Waltzing wizards” was a completely different story. It tells me about everyday human's life, all it's joy and sadness. About distant lands and expactation. However the most powerful feeling was happiness  smile.gif

After the third sonata a surprise was awaiting us smile.gif Mr Romero was playing on the piano together with beautiful violinist – Mrs Magda. The main motive was from one towns from H4 (I am not sure which one exactly, I was playing H4 so long time ago... Maybe Sir Albe will tell us more ;P ). Altough it was shorter than previous sonatas, I was enjoying it a lot.

Mr Romero receives so much applause, that he was forced to came back on  a stage twice. After second return he played one of his favourite sonatas composed by Chopin.

After concert everyone could meet with Mr Romero and have a few words with him. I didn't have a VIP ticket so I resigned from this pleasure and now I regret it. Not that much, because I had seen Paul Romero and Rob King on a train station the next day and they looked a bit exhausted tongue.gif Apparently, the „meet and greet” ended at 1:30! Fortunately Albe brings me an autographs of both gentlemen biggrin.gif

We were leaving Toruń at 8 a.m. so after quick, traditional beetroot soup (Albe says he likes it!) in restaurant we returned to our hotels. My travel lasts only five hours, but Albe noted, that he and Frederic will be travelling around twenty hours with many changes! I hope they catched all the trains without any troubles...

I am very, very glad I was on this concert. Now I am waiting when Mr Romero will compose themes for a whole orchestra! barb_metal.gif

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